Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bob Harvey is a GREAT Mayor

Another great piece in the Herald this morning by on-to-it reporter Mathew Dearnaley reveals that
Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey will tonight ask his city council to summon regional rail operator Connex Auckland before it to account for its persistent inability to run services on time after almost a year in the job.

Thank goodness!

"While this council, with all its best intentions, has strived to lift to unprecedented heights the train patronage, the very system we have cheered on has left the daily user - whether to school or work - in utter despair."

Once again this morning I arrived at the station to find would-be passengers leaving in despair with trains not arriving and no explanation. (Later text messages revealed the usual mechanical breakdowns).

"I've done this for five weeks and have run out of excuses for why I am always late for work," said one guy.

Well done Mr Harvey. We should all turn up for that council meeting.

And isn't is pathethic that we have still yet to hear anything from Mr Hubbard about the service. Or is it Mayor Hucker we should be asking for help?


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