Thursday, June 30, 2005

A challenge to the ARC

Auckland Regional Council chairman Mike Lee admitted yesterday that delays to western rail services were unacceptable, but rejected a claim they were forcing commuters to buy more cars.He accused Waitakere mayor Bob Harvey of becoming "histrionic" in suggesting many West Auckland passengers had already given up on rail and were clogging up roads by buying cheap Japanese cars instead.
"Bob has every right to be frustrated at these delays, which are unacceptable, but he has gone right over the top to say many users have given up, because the figures indicate the direct opposite," Mr Lee said. "More people are using trains than ever."

The Herald reported this today. It is time he and his fellow elected ARC members got out of their (no doubt ratepayer-funded) cars and visited the train stations and talked to those of us who are frustrated and despairing.

Only yesterday this blog quoted a fellow commuter who has gone back to using his car.

Yes, more people are trying the trains - but more and more people are giving up.

We elected people like Mr Lee (I voted for him) to the ARC with great hopes. How they let us down badly.

We won't forget it come next election time.


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