Sunday, June 05, 2005

More customers, no more carriages!

Auckland rail operator Connex says it is still carrying an average morning peak load of about 500 passengers more than the 2700 who caught trains before the last strike, which ended more than three weeks ago. (Herald)

Thanks to the recent Stagecoach bus strike, more Aucklanders have discovered the joy of coming to work by train -and have switched from bus to train.

Pity the rail operator boasts about the extra numbers but fails to put on any extra carriages. The problem of course is that there are no more carriages.

But good news: In some workshop somewhere, another ancient train poached from a train museum is being converted for use.

Meanwhile the trains get more and more crowded.

In all the years that the city officials spent designing and building the grand Britomart railway station, they failed to think they might need trains and carriages as well.

As always, this makes sense.


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