Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thanks ARC! Now the trains will never run on time

Thanks to a posting on an ARC forum, we discover why the Western Line trains have stopped running on time according to the timetable -and never will again.
He explains:
Unfortunately starting yesterday a new train plan which makes greater use of locomotive hauled carriage trains on the west line was introduced.
These trains are unable to operate to the advertised schedules, and lose 22 minutes on each return trip provided there is nothing else to delay them.
Previously they only used these slower trains twice each morning, and not at all in the evenings, but from yesterday they are now used three times in the mornings and twice in the evenings.
This means it is no longer possible to maintain timekeeping on the west line even when there are no other delay-causing problems. The various 22 minute delays cascade into even bigger problems.
Apparently the rail operator did not want this, but the ARC do, and they call the shots.


Blogger Mark Derricutt said...

It's not just the western line thats annoying as hell. Yesterday I got to Britomart around 6:39 knowing I was going to miss the southern line for my trip to Panmure (this was expected) so I wandered over to Starbucks for a 'coffee' and read for the hour.

Arriving back at Britomart at 7:35 ready for the train, its not listed with the next train to Panmure listed at 8:40. Looking around for staff I find none, so sit down and start reading, then suddenly at 7:39 the 7:40 train pops on screen.

Quickly packing up and running down two flights of moving escalator, I see the train start to head off...

40 minutes of chilled waiting later, I got the 8:40 train to Panmure and sulked the cold dark walk the rest of the way to the flat...


11:38 PM  

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