Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thursday June 2: Signals crash again!

Auckland's hi-tech highly sophisticated passenger train network operates a mobile txt message service in which messages can be sent to you in the unlikely event that the train is running a wee bit late.
If you subscribe to the service, consider getting a powerful mobile with lots of memory as you'll get quickly flooded with messages. Tonight, here we are again standing at Britomart for hours with the only amusement being the constant incoming txt message beep on the phone.
Services on the Western Line are once again cancelled because the signals have crashed. The train signals, another hi-tech feature of the service, are operated from Wellington for the Auckland service. This makes logical sense!
The signals have crashed several times in recent weeks. On one Wednesday night, us passengers for the 5.15pm train to Waitakere took three hours to get home. The driver had to manually change the signals along the way. Nothing has been done as once again tonight services aren't going.
So as we pound the Britomart platform as I speak, what to do? Wait in the hope of getting home tonight or once again book into that dodgy downtown bed and breakfast place with the other homeless?


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