Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why they don't want us to use the trains

It's crazy.
They spent millions on Britomart.
But they forgot to order trains and carriages. Well they did get a few.
But sometimes only two carriages (one day only one!) arrived.
With no sign of any more carriages ready yet, we keep getting punished for using the trains.
The message is : please don't.
Every day the train messages warn (like this one today):
Due to heavy passenger loadings, the Western Line services has been delayed by approx 20 minutes.
In other words:
We designed the recent timetables thinking no one would use the trains.
So now we find people are trying to get on at the stations. Remember they just jump in - the ticket collecting is done on board by guards.
But that slows up the trains.
So it makes the services late.
Please don't add to this congestion.

The Herald reported today that in the last year Auckland had 2.5 pc fewer bus passengers,14.3 pc more ferry passengers but 57.4 pc more rail passengers!
How come the planners did not think a new rail service and Britomart might create this increase and plan accordingly!


Blogger Charles said...

"Heavy Pasenger Loadings" is the message you get when there wasn't a specific incident, and it doesn't always mean what it says.

The Western Line timekeeping is a constant source of comment, but in fact the single track on a large part of the line leaves two options:
...run fewer trains, probably on a schedule that does not repeat hourly, or
...keep an easy to remember schedule, but trains will often run late at peak times.

Obviously they chose the second option. It's certainly less than ideal, but people who use the service every day have a fair idea of what's "normal" in the way of delays.

Some of us amateurs tried to suggest that the double tracking should have been started on New Lynn to Henderson, which would have helped with the problems. The pros didn't listen though.

More double tracking will minimize the cascading of delays, but electric MUs (better acceleration) are really needed to fix the issue for good.

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