Monday, July 18, 2005

Mugged outside Britomart

The poor guy who got on the 5.45pm tonight had just been mugged in the lane outside Britomart as he was dashing to the station.
Three guys demanded money. He said he had none. One held him down while the others kicked him. His knee was so bad he could hardly walk and thought he had some internal injuries or brusing.

Sadly, hardly a surprise.

While it's good to have security people inside the station, has anyone ever seen a police person in the lower Queen St / Britomart area during the day?

But most of us have seen the low life wandering around and been asked for money (which one obviously has going into Britomart on your way home).

With the city council so keen to develop that part of Queen St into an attractive area, what have they to say about the fact some poor guy can't even go to the train at 5.30 at night without ending up being taken to A & E (which his friend was going to do when they got off at New Lynn)?

And what does the minister of police have to say?

Oh, sorry, I forgot it was that clown Hawkins.


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