Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Reving it up!

The Auckland employers stir on Auckland transport has gone online
and it's great to see it isn't all about cars. Check it out. The campaign is headed by the Employers & Manufacturers Association (Northern).

The section on public transport says:
Britomart has certainly made an impact on train travel: during March 2005, 391,000 passenger journeys took place across the Auckland rail network - the highest ever recorded. Buses remain the staple public transport mode in Auckland, carrying 82 per cent of all public transport trips in 2004.

Despite the improvements, Auckland’s public transport system still has a long way to go. REVUP believes the priorities for public transport in Auckland must be:

* Integrating bus only lanes in all new motorways
* Double-tracking the western railway line and completing the Manukau rail link
* Improving the passenger train rolling stock and station facilities to provide 15 minute frequency on an electrified heavy rail network
* Enhancing walking and cycling facilities


Blogger Lewis said...

Great to see that they're being pragmatic about rail transport for a change.

10:55 PM  
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