Monday, July 25, 2005

Warning: Am I really a suicide bomber?

The Herald today carried a description that sounded like me on the train platform.

It wrote of :
A young man, sweating profusely (I wish they would solve the temperature controls on the train: either its like being in a furnace or being in Antarctica)....

looking around furtively (since reading overseas media reports, I'm scared someone will snatch my Ipod and so I always keep an eye out)

carrying a rucksack (I call it a backpack -see picture above)

or wearing bulky clothing (sometimes you never know how Auckland's weather will turn out).

He may lick his lips (I'm starving by the time I wait for that 5.45pm train home and can't wait for dinner. I started grabbing a muesli bar at the convenience store as I rushed to the platform but not now as I am too afraid I will miss the train)

He may appear nervous (not so much nervous as apprehensive as to whether the train will ever come especially after getting vague txt messages suggesting otherwise)

If he is carrying a bag, he may be checking it
(true, making that decision: shall I take out the Listener and continue reading Jane Clifton's column or will the train actually turn up the moment I do it?)

He may also wear a baseball cap or other headwear that would obscure his face from closed-circuit TV (baseball cap? How unusual -see photo)

This article, sourced from the UK Daily Telegraph, tells you how to identify a suicide bomber on a train or train platform.

I laughed and laughed when I read this description but as it is so close to home, I may have to start wearing T shirt and shorts, sport a silly happy grin and leave the bag at home.

Otherwise, in today's climate, some over-zealous British cop may shoot me. Please don't!


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