Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Connex replies about the bossy Maori wardens (see posting earlier in the week)

A few days ago I complained here about the bossy Maori wardens on the train - their heart in the right place but causing unnecessary tension in a well behaved carriage.
Thanks Connex for the feedback. Just one point. I'm not really a child anymore (see my photo in the posting about terrorists week July 30).

3 August 2005
Attn: Miles
Dear Miles
Re: Resolve Case CA/2005/00786
Thank you for your correspondence dated 26 luly 2005 regarding the service your child
received from a Connex Auckland Ltd. ('Connex") staff member. We thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and regret any inconvenience it may have caused you. Your feedback has been logged in our system for future reference and will be used to help provide an improved service to rail patrons.
It is the responsibility of onboard staff to ensure that passengers comply with our conditions of carriage and safety guidelines. Staff members undergo comprehensive Customer Services training and must adhere to strict protocols regarding customer service and employee behavior. Connex takes any complaint regarding employees and their behavior very seriously and all cases are subject to thorough investigation. Connex will follow due process and take the necessary disciplinary action against any employee that is found not adhering to these.
Passenger safety is a priority for Connex Auckland. A group of community-oriented individuals, known locally as Maori Wardens, are present on some Connex services as a way of discouraging disruptive behaviour, especially during the alternoon school rush. The Wardens have been serving the New Zealand community since 1896, working closely with the New Zealand Police to prevent youth crime. The wardens undertake similar tasks to those of law enforcement officers but operate with a strong social and cultural focus. The Wardens have been working with Connex on the Western line since luly 2004 and have recently extended their patrol area to cover the Southern Line.
Connex wishes to apologize for any inconvenience this experience may have caused. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further enquiries.
Yours faithfully

Helen Williams
Human Resources Manager
Connex Auckland Ltd
Tel: 164 9 969 7777
Fax: +64 9 969 7700
Connex Auckland Limited
Level 7, Citibank Centre, 23 Customs Street East
PO Box 105-355, Auckland
Tel +64 9 969 7777 Fax +64 9 969 7700


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