Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Incredibles

Excellent news to see Mayor Hubbard suggesting a rail station for the Civic carpark as part of the required leaky building repairs. Good forward thinking Sir.
The Herald had a telling chart of the decades of years of talking and reports on rail but never any action. And people wonder we are so cynical things will ever change?
1923: Railways minister Gordon Coates supports city-to-Morningside underground rail link.
1937: Underground rail link briefly raised as a way to relieve unemployment.
1949: Government promises electrification.
1951: City bureaucrats begin pushing a "roads first" policy.
1950s: Politicians join bureaucrats in favour of motorways.
1969: New ASB tower in Queen St future-proofed for underground rail.
1970s: Auckland mayor Sir Dove-Myer Robinson pushes rapid rail, including a tunnel under Queen St.
1972-1975: Labour government looks at rapid rail.
1976: National government abandons rapid rail.
1998-2001: Auckland mayor Christine Fletcher proposes light rail up Queen St.
2001-2004: Council investigates $500m underground rail loop from Britomart to Kingsland.
2005: ARTA plans 3.5km tunnel from Britomart to Mt Eden.


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