Thursday, August 04, 2005

It's too good to believe!

This is too good to believe. We won't be zooming anywhere, not even on the present trains if this report follows the last 2,452 official reports on Auckland's public transport woes. Talk about Indian giver. We always get excited for five minutes and then nothing happens. Local politicians bicker. The government makes noises but never delivers. And we continue to breathe in worse and worse car fumes. Just how polluted is Auckland city's air these days?

We must crank up the heat.
Email the people mentioned in this article and give your support and demand action.
Mike Lee
Brian Roche
and Mayor Dick Hubbard
If you get a reply let me know (
The Herald story is here
The ARTA media release is here

The guts of the Herald story is-
Aucklanders will zoom round on electric trains below city streets if the new transport agency has its way. The Auckland Regional Transport Authority wants to electrify most of the rail network by 2011, and to build a 3.5km tunnel under the central business district from the western end of Britomart to Mt Eden in 10 to 20 years.
Although these plans could cost up to $1.6 billion - if not more - the authority sees them as crucial to keeping rail patronage growing so it is more than six times its current level of 3.8 million trips a year, which is almost double the 2001 total.
The authority is understood to favour buying about 50 electric trains by 2011, to be supplemented by a handful of new diesel units in areas where it would be uneconomic to extend overhead power lines.
Approaches have yet to be made to the Government agencies, and official comment for now is limited to a carefully worded joint statement from authority chairman Brian Roche and his regional council counterpart, Mike Lee.


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