Monday, August 29, 2005

The latest Metro printed my letter!

It was a great honour for my humble Auckland train blog SlowTrainComin ( to be listed in your famous Hot column. As a young person, I live in a world where always things work in an instant. I can send emails and texts instantly to friends over the world, chat on an internet Skype phone free to people anywhere over my computer and take digital photos and see them instantly. Trying to use Auckland trains service has been like my old school trip to Motat especially on a day the trams aren't running there.

I'm also of a generation that cares about our future environment. I'm sick of breathing in Auckland's pollution (a brief time cycling to uni made me sick) and in my youthful innocence believe that taking one car off the congested roads may make a difference.

I was about to give up the train service when I bought a recent Metro hoping it would last me a week's journey but I read it in full that night on the train. This was because the signals failed and we were stuck, literally for hours, as the signals are controlled from Wellington; something I assume harks back to some 1950s (?) bureaucratic period when my uncle told me everything north of Wellington had to be controlled or checked by "head office" The Metro I read was a scary piece about Auckland's failing infrastructure, of which public transport is part. That weekend, my flat missed out seeing a crucial rugby game as the electricity went off in our area. When I spotted the power company dude up the ladder, I asked him the problem and in less eloquent language than in the Metro article, he told me the system was old and stuffed and I had better get in some candles as failures were going to become more regular over the next few years. I not only went out and got some candles but introduced some power saving measures to the flat, again to do my small part.

Metro is to be congratulated on that very important article that had a life changing impact on me (for example, I am still battling to use the trains despite the madness) but are any officials listening? Please keep revisiting that article with regular updates. Like many young people, I have options of moving offshore but I love Auckland. Auckland's future depends on passionate people like the Metro writers to ensure the city continues to thrive.




Blogger concerned_citizen said...

Well put, Miles. I think a lot of young, (and in my case young-ish) people in Auckland are torn between staying or going; and things like having decent public transport have a bigger influence than Auckland politicians may realize.

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