Thursday, August 11, 2005

A New Lynn commuter writes...

I received this funny email from a New Lynn commuter this morning. Thanks for the kind feedback and your story. My friends are convinced I make all this up so it's nice to know I am not just having nightmares!
Love the blog... thanks very much.
I have been catching the School Boy Special lately-- crammed with kids,
getting on at New Lynn around 8.20 or so. Yesterday the destination board
said Westfield, today it's apparently Henderson. The new Maori warden (woman, mid 20s, hair pulled back in a ponytail ) was quite something this morning. Black leather gloves. Black uniform. A prime candidate for any casting director looking for someone to play a train guard on any movie involving late 1930s Germany railways.
She is very tough on telling people to get out of the doorways ("Only I can
stand in doorways" she joked to one of the people she had just ordered down
into the congested aisle) One student ordered out of the doorway and sent down the aisle said to her "but there's no room!..." - Yes there is, down there... she barked... Yikes.
And always reassuring to see St John's ambulance waiting with a stretcher
and oxygen tanks when I get off the train at Britomart.Cheers and thanks again for the blog. I'm enjoying it v. much.


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