Monday, August 08, 2005

Passport checks on trains next?

Tomorrow, I will be taking two forms of ID plus my passport on the train.
Tonight, a super-efficient guard (read super-officious) not only clipped our tickets but to everyone demanded to know where they were getting off.
In other words, did you buy a one-section ticket and plan to go all the way to Swanson you bunch of crooks?
He didn't ask politely but, towering over us, barked at us all in a most over-bearing fashion. He looked like a 6ft something police trainee wannabe (read failed police recuit who is sitting for a security guard certificate and passing the time by being a train guard instead thinking it's just another form of guarding people).
Mate, a job as a train guard does not mean guarding us as if we are bunch of crooks in prison.
What next? When Winston gets in will the immigration squad appear for a "dawn raid" on the first train out of Swanson?
First the Maori wardens acting like police, now this.
The regulars just looked at each other across the carriage thinking this was the last straw in unfriendliness. Here we are in an cramped crowded smelly train with not even hand rails to hang on to and expected to keep smiling and not complaining. Isn't that enough punishment?
If Connex is so keen on the money, why did no guard ever appear this morning to clip my ticket. I held it out. No-one came so I rode free.
There are some really nice guards on the train - especially some of the women. One is as nice and warm as my Mum. But the introduction of "prison guards" is not a good look.


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