Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Please fix the blinking problem!

The trains have been late every morning this week (30 minutes today). When one finally arrived, the front was blinking (its flashing electronic sign) at us “Papakura via Newmarket.”
So quick decision: is a train heading on the Western Line towards the Brit actually going to South Auckland? It’s possible. The train could side shuffle at Newmarket and then head the other way.
I tried to imagine I was a space station-bound astronaut walking to board the shuttle Discovery only to see a blinking light on the outside saying it actually was the Orbiter going to Mars. It could have happened. That flight had errors also. Do they take it just in case the sign is wrong?
The regulars on the train platform quickly nodded to each other and dived in. It had been cold and miserable waiting for ages so better to be inside a cramped over-heated over-full smelly carriage than outside. Maybe.
At Newmarket, the soothing music of Royksopp on my Ipod made me forget the dilemma of whether we were landing at Kennedy Space Centre or the Edwards Air Force Base. Thankfully we did reach Queen St –although isn’t there a Queen St in Papakura? I have never been there. Maybe their Queen St looks like the central city Queen St.
Who cares. It’s too confusing at that time of morning. Can someone please fix the destination signs that are clearly on the blink before this sends us over the brink?


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