Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Terrorists handed the Sydney rail service

So much for Australia's multi-billion dollar anti-terrorism measures amid fears Sydney is next for a terrorist attack.
So much for talk of the need for an ID card for everyone and the placing of security guards on train platforms and even the Sydney harbour bridge this week.
Can you believe one readily available key unlocks all of Sydney's train service.
And all that was needed was for someone to grab the key.
SECURITY on Sydney's rail network is in tatters after two criminals stole a train driver's set of keys, giving them access to every train in the metropolitan area.
The theft has revealed a "basic flaw" in rail security, given that just one key can not only give access to all trains but also start them, one terrorism expert said yesterday.

And while a RailCorp spokesman said it was taking the matter "very seriously", it will not change the locks on its trains.

Instead, as of last night, it had increased security around its sidings with more patrols by private security guards and transit officers.


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