Monday, August 22, 2005

Why the western line trains need to stop at Motat!

The trains should stop at Motat on the way to the Brit for a tuneup each journey.
I caught an early train this morning so missed the excitement.
Thanks to an email from one of the regulars we can share the story:
Pulled up just before the Newmarket junction, sat there for a good ten minutes (the usual ticket people and Maori warden guy rushing backwards and forwards without telling us anything) then finally some news... the tracks were not working properly, the guard had to "wind them by hand" - sitting there for at least 20 minutes.. Then told there would be another delay once we got to Newmarket.
The guard (real old-school looking one, with the big GUARD retro-style badge on his hat, looks like a character from one of those "Carry On...." movies) then came down the carriage wielding an antique looking crank-handle gadget thing - possibly lifted from a Motat 'Rails of The Past' display. - That's what he uses to wind the tracks apparently.
I think he had to do this twice... once to get into Newmarket, then again to get out of Newmarket and head to Britomart. I guess all the trains behind were similarly delayed...


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