Sunday, October 16, 2005

Buy them a clock & keep smiling!

THE OTHER morning when I got off the morning train, I notice the electronic signs on the platform said the next train to Waitakere wasn't til 2pmish. Henderson commuter James P writes an amusing email about his experience with the electronic signs. While we're on the subject the platform itself needs a big clock to tell us what the present time is!
Today I went to Britomart to catch the 2:15pm train on the western line. I walked into the lobby and I checked out the big electronic display --
and I was amused to see that it was still showing the times for trains departing between 10-11am! I walked down to the first basement floor (just above the rail-level floor) and the shorter electronic display was
stuffed as well, it was still showing the 7:40am train to Wellington at platform 3 and a mixture of various train times throughout the day!
Feeling a bit amused, I walked down to Platform 5 (the usual Western Line platform) and the sign for it was showing 13:15 (the previous train) instead of 14:15 for the train I was going to catch.
Imagine my suprise when the train actually arrived, I was half-wondering if the 1415 had been cancelled! Good old Britomart! At least the train themseleves ran on time today, even if the displays suggested otherwise!
What would be a requirement for catching trains in Auckland? Just a sense of humour is enough! :-)

You're so right James plus you need a great deal of patience, tolerance as well as humour!
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