Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Call 111 for a taxi: Proof the train service is broke

It’s no wonder people are bringing bikes on the train. Just in case. They are so wise. The breakdowns this week seem to have got worse – and delays longer. 18 minutes is not unusual. Today was proof the train system really is broke.
Due to a mechanical fault, a bus will leave from Waitakere at 7.8am for Henderson stopping at Swanson and Ranui.
Taxis will shuffle between Sturges and HSN.
Due to a mechanical fault, services on the Western Line are cancelled between Henderson / Waitakere only in both directions replaced by buses.
Pardon? Anyway the key words are buses and taxis.
Isn’t this a train service? What city are we in again. Afghanistan?
Will someone finally admit a massive injection of money is needed NOW.

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