Saturday, October 08, 2005

More proof officials have no brain!

I overhead a couple of mothers rave on about how wonderful Brit was and the train system. I tuned in to see what they'll saying. They took their kids to the recent Sunday event starring Thomas the Tank Engine at the Brit. They had never been to the train station before and thought it amazing. They raved on about how wonderful the train system was.
Hang on. The event was at the Brit on a Sunday. But there were no trains on a Sunday. So to get there people had to drive or get a bus. And Thomas himself was "too old" to run. What a great opportunity it would have been to run it on a Sunday with trains or a Saturday with trains running so people could get a taste of the service.
But no, that's too clever. People drove to the Brit, saw Thomas and had to get back into their cars to go home or find a bus.
It was no point waiting on the Brit platform.
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Blogger James Pole said...

Doesn't the overlander run on Sundays?

1:15 PM  

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