Friday, October 21, 2005

Nick R's future vision

Nick R kindly sent this glimpse of Auckland's future possible train network. Thanks Nick, fascinating stuff. Email me if you want the attachments)
He writes:
"They are based upon a basic upgrade of the existing network (eletrified, new signalling and rolling stock) plus the CBD underground tunnel, a completed Manukau branch and a re-opened Onehunga branch. I have added a new station at Parnell, and would expect things like enhanced park and ride and bus interchanges at most stations. I consider this a realistic 'doable' network for Auckland withing 10-15 years.
"The graphics are a little messy sorry, but you'll get the drift. There are two versions, the first (shown here) has four radial lines, each moving through the CBD tunnel to terminate at either Britomart or Newmarket. The second is the one I think would be most effective, the four lines are paired to form two long 'through' lines (western/southern and Onehunga/eastern-manukau), that pass through the city in the middle and only terminate on the edge of the city. This setup means that you can reach 50% of all stations on the one train, and only one transfer is required to reach the other half. The two lines snake around three quaters of the 'city loop' each, both providing access to all stations on the loop (except boston rd to the west-south line, and the new parnell to the onehunga-east). I think it is a more efficient arrangement too. Naturally an airport extension could be easily accomodated off the end of the Onehunga branch."
Thanks Nick - wonderful stuff.
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