Friday, October 21, 2005

Now here comes James' vision of the future!

James has made some rough maps for when the Avondale-Onehunga, Onehunga-Manukau, and Panmure-Mankukau lines comes online -- which should happen in the next 20-30 years or so.
The first keeps the present east/south/west lines and adds new lines on top.
Have a look here
The second follows Nick's second model of Britomart being a through station instead of a terminus.
I havn't bothered to add the stations as these are details which can be added later. I have included all the stations where its possible to transfer to another train and also the terminus of of train services.
The 'wide loop' doesn't really have a terminus, but Manuakau is a
logical choice as its reasonably near the depot at Otahuhu.

See the second one here
Thanks James. It's becoming a fascinating debate.
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Blogger Gary F said...

Indeed some thoroughly interesting ideas are coming out. Obviously, as you said Miles, developments like this aren't going to happen for a while. However, it's good to start contemplating what the system is going to look like.

I wonder how the logistics of constructing such a network are going to be handled so far into the future, by which time Auckland will undoubtedly be huge, in the senses of being both dense and expansive at the same time? Perhaps some parts of the railway will even end up being underground.

On the subject of Britomart potentially becoming a through station -- is this not essentially an inevitability? If so, I don't understand why the station hasn't been constructed so as to allow room for expansion in the northwards direction. With all the toilets, tunnels and escalators clustered around the end of the line, it's going to be quite difficult to carry the track forward through there.

There will always be a need for trains to run to the North Shore, the trip across the Harbour Bridge being very much a hurdle for those commuters; as such it could be sensible to have trains running under the harbour to the Shore. The fact that Britomart has already taken the trains underground is helpful, even if it has been designed as a terminus. The line needs only to be continued (although again, the logistics of that are significantly clunky).

4:03 PM  
Blogger James Pole said...

It has been said that Britomart was originally designed to be a through station, or at least was designed keeping in mind it might become a through station in the future. So I am hoping there has been some design choices made to make it easier for the station to become a through station, when the time comes.

You raise a point about North Shore trains, which I have not included in my 'futuristic' map. I think a NS train line will come along much later than the lines I have included in my map.

Lets look at the lines I've included in my map:-

* Onehunga-Penrose is already there, only needs new tracks.
* Onehunga-Avondale SH20 has plenty of space avaliable for tracks as space has been set aside for rail.
* Onehunga-Airport-Manukau will probally happen as many people are keen on having a direct rail link between the CBD and AIA.
* Panmure-Manukau will go along the eastern corridor, but has a less certain future.

While it would be really kewl to see a Britomart-Takapuna-Albany line built, I can't forsee this happening over the next 20-30 years. The latest this might happen (assuming everything else goes to plan) will probally be between 2030-2050. It all depends on how people vote in future elections and whether or not local/national politicans are rail-friendly.

Hopefully (i'm saying this at the risk of being stoned!) fuel prices will continue to rise, making trains much more attractive and generating more government investment into trains.

11:33 PM  
Blogger concerned_citizen said...

Map of the original loop line:

12:24 PM  
Blogger Stanley, Pinter & Co. said...

These designs are great. Here's hoping and thanks for opening up the future-gazing. Send them to ARTA!

You will all be relieved to know that Britomart does have access to the North. The Brit was originally designed for light rail, to connect with a track going up Queen, left onto Wellesley, over a bridge across Grafton Gully (Transit actually moved their bridge a few metres to the right to provide for this!) and out to Newmarket under the hospital (with a handy stop at the hospital.) At Newmarket, the train would either continue on to Waitakere or looop back to the Brit. This would have created the all important city loop that we currently lack.

That link was ditched by Mayor Banks and has been replaced by the new Central Transit Corridor, which is going to close Grafton Bridge to traffic. It can never beb built because it needed to have a cut-and-copver tunnel built before the new hospital went in. The hospital was apparently quite delighted at the prospect.

But anyway, as a result of that original design, Britomart has provision for ramps up and into what used to be QEII square to link with this Newmarket link and a possible North Shore link. Bizarre but true...

And on trains to Albany: traffic people tell us that eventually your patronage rises to the point where you can't run enough buses to keep up with demand. At that point, it's quite simple to chnage it to trains, which can carry more people by linking up more carriages. This will apparently take a decade or so, and allows you to break the cost in two while still reserving the space. You'd need to work out what to do with the trains over the bridge, of course. Any ideas?

12:02 PM  
Blogger Stanley, Pinter & Co. said...

Sorry that didn't make sense. ON the Albany point, I was referring to the splendid new bus expressway currently being built. Apparently it is future proofed.

12:06 PM  

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