Thursday, October 20, 2005

Number ones and twos

When the new timetables kick in on Tuesday, Western line trains switch to Platforms 1 and 2. I can just imagine doing my usual nightly Spiderman leap from the escalators to halt the train about to leave on platform 5 -forgetting it's now platform 1! The most frustrating thing is having two seconds to spare and finding the train on the platform is dark and closed and the train you have to leap to in 20 seconds is the one in front of the parked train half way along the platform. Thanks to the nice female guard who let me leap on the other night when she saw me coming and was closing the doors.
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Blogger starbender said...

Sounds confusing!

6:50 PM  
Blogger James Pole said...

Yeah, I saw the announcement the other day. Was going to email you about it, but you beat me to it! I wonder why they're doing the change. The present layout seems quite logical and people are used to it, so why change? I also wonder if is it something to do with the way the tracks are set up or something like that?

8:49 PM  

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