Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Radio NewMarket on your dial

Just out of Newmarket, this morning with the train stationary a new radio station hit the air..
A cheerful DJ banter from DJ TrainDriver.
"I'm sorry folks but we are stopped here for a brief time just outside Newmarket while we let another train go by. It's a beautiful day and Connex thank you for coming along and hope to see you again soon."
Does DJ TrainDriver think he is in training for Air NZ's next trans-tasman flight?
Can he manage also a few shout outs and maybe an Elemeno P's Burn for the bros on their way to school?
Hey, good on him. It was great to hear a human voice. At least they're trying with a new PR look even if it drew laughs.
On the iPod: Elemeno P

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Blogger James Pole said...

Humm, well I'm deaf so I wouldn't hear any of that! Nice to see that they're doing something instead of just leaving passengers to wonder what the heck is going on!

10:39 PM  

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