Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Steamy windows and bad Karaoke

Not only are the windows often filthy, tonight it sounded like the worst wannabe NZ idols were busking on the platform. Turned out some bright spark in the control room decided to subject us to a very loud blast of the most insipid pop music. It sounded one step above Muzak. Really really annoying especially as the electronic signs were all stuffed and we kept getting interruptions of the music with warnings to ignore the signs.
- No music. If we want music many of us have iPods.
- Tell the announcer to speaker clearer
- The announcer's volume kept changing -sometimes too soft to hear, other times overbearing. Teach them the volume control and what works
- The announcer was sometimes "bumped" by some automatic recording by one of those Great Radio Voices telling us when the next train was departing so you had two voices - one amateur and untrained and one automatic loop from a pro. Choose one not both. Too confusing.
- Fix the electronic signs but turn them off when they don't work so that we are not confused -don't let them run with the inaccurate info.
On the iPod: Steamy Windows -Tony Joe White (what a voice)

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Blogger concerned_citizen said...

I reckon there is a need for some kind of direct action. Sit ins. Blockades. Something like that.

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