Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday trains are a big hit!

I've been riding the trains up and down to support Sunday services, which started today - and they've been an instant hit.
There seemed to be two types of people:
Old men who said they had not travelled on trains for years -and were very nostalgic when you asked them why they were travelling: talking about Mayor Robbie and his train project that never happened and how with the cost of petrol they are so pleased to be back on a train
Families taking kids on their first train ride. The kids were all so excited it was like a kids party on board - kids scrambling to get a window seat and mimicing the sound of the engine.
The funniest comments from the kids:
- "Oh it's slowing down, is it broke again?"
- "Morningside? Is there really a Bro'Town!"
Train staff said it was steady all day. This is indeed a great day for train believers!
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Blogger Gary F said...

I was on the first train that headed out of Britomart for New Lynn at bang-on 7:55am, for sentimentality's sake. As a poor student, I could not have afforded to travel on the train all day, but I would have certainly done it if I could!

I admire you for doing that Miles. It is consistent showings of support like that that the railways need. That's why I try and take the trains as often as I can, instead of driving or bussing.

10:34 AM  

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