Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This is disgusting & a health hazard

The other day I went to sit down again on the only seat available at the windswept Morningside station –and again it was soaked in urine. Sorry about the detail but that’s how sick I felt too. The homeless man had slept there again the previous night.
Tonight I sympathised with him. Coming off the train into a biting cold wind, I needed to go. Sorry but that’s why it’s called a call of nature. When you have to go, you have to go.
But where? The stations do not have a toilet. Surely there must be some council regulation that public areas like train platforms have to have a toilet. Train passengers are furious that Newmarket has just lost its primitive makeshift toilet because of an apartment development (do we really need another one: have you seen the dodgy ones near Newmarket when you go past in the train? you know the ones, where the decks were deemed dangerous)and the council has told the apartment developers they don’t have to replace the toilet for two to three years.
And they expect us to use public transport?
I am seriously thinking of calling a public sit in in the foyer of the ACC building next to Aotea Centre to protest this absolute nonsense.
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