Monday, October 17, 2005

Toilet humour from the City Council

I asked the Auckland City Council why they took away the temporary toilet at Newmarket and told nearby apartment building developers they don't have to replace it for a few years (see earlier post) - and whether this was the sort of hygiene standards we expect from the council. Diane replies and completely misses the point:
Hi Miles, Thank you for your enquiry regarding public toilets at train stations.
For further assistance and information regarding toilet facilities at train stations, you would be best to contact ARTNL. ARTNL is responsible for the renewal or upgrading of Auckland City's rail passenger stations. This means stations that are convenient, accessible and safe, as well as clean, modern and user-friendly. Contact details for ARTNL are available to view on their website, via the following link:
I hope this helps.
Diane To'oto'o
Customer Service Representative

Well no Diane -actually it totally misses the point. I wonder how many emails will go back and forward before they get it! Meanwhile our bladder suffers!
Actually don't tell anyone but if you're desperate and can jump like Michael Jordan, I spotted a toilet at Newmarket today if you go a few metres down from where the train stops and jump a fence where apartments are being built.
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