Thursday, October 27, 2005

The toilet saga parts 2 and 3

When I wrote to the Auckland City Council earlier this month to complain about the toilets - or total removal of them from Newmarket I got a typically Auckland bureaucratic reply. Or in other words pass the buck onto one of the other 3,4000 local authorities. The ACC probably only supplies the toilet paper. Some other local body or quasi-body does the cleaning and someone else organises the portaloo. Not our problem sorry. Try someone else.
Diane from the council replied:
Hi Miles, Thank you for your enquiry regarding public toilets at train stations.
For further assistance and information regarding toilet facilities at train stations, you would be best to contact ARTNL. ARTNL is responsible for the renewal or upgrading of Auckland City's rail passenger stations. This means stations that are convenient, accessible and safe, as well as clean, modern and user-friendly. Contact details for ARTNL are available to view on their website, via the following link: . I hope this helps.

It didn't help. It was a cop-out. So I replied on October 17:
Hi Diane
Thanks for replying - I appreciate it - but unfortunately you missed the point. I was referring to the Herald article which says it was the council's doing. That is why I wrote to you.
The article is at

which said the only temp toilet there has gone and
Groundwork for the apartments is at an early stage and the city council has apologised for the "inconvenience" of its sudden removal of public toilets that the developers must replace when the project is complete in two to three years
It may need some co-operation between the council and the ARTA to sort out but meanwhile it's dreadful for the thousands using Newmarket every day now the only toilet has gone.

So on Oct 19, a Katherine replied:
Hi Miles, Thank you for getting back to us regarding the lack of public toilet facilities around the "Newmarkets Future" project.
I have referred your email on to our Dawne Mackay, Senior Planner, and have asked her to respond directly to you. I trust you will hear from Dawne shortly.
I hope this helps.

Don't you love this official-speak ending every communication with I hope that helps. I must try it. Sorry Visa I can't pay my credit card bill this month because I am broke but I will be able to next year. I hope that helps.
So when is a reply coming to us shortly? That was October 20.
We're waiting and waiting and some of us still need to use the loo!
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