Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ummm... is anyone home?

The 3.59 to New Lynn is leaving in five minutes. Front two cars only.
OK . But hey it's now 4.01 and nothing is happening.
Finally we get told it's the cars further down the platform.
New timetable, more trains. Yep, but we're not quite there yet.
Update: The 6.04 to New Lynn from the Brit was cancelled because of a "technical fault.:
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Blogger James Pole said...

I used the trains today for the first time since the new timetable was introduced.

Britomart-Avondale, leaving at 1:57
While on the train I kept a close eye on the timetable and the arrival time at all stations between the Brit and Avondale -- all the stops were more-or-less on time (if a wee bit early at Kingsland and Baldwin Avenue). I was fairly impressed. I was even more impressed when the train actually left Avondale instead of just waiting there for the east-bound train like it normally did under the old timetable.

Kelston-Henderson (Express), 5:35
I arrived at the Fruitvale Road station at 5:30 and waited for the 5:35 express train which was due to arrive at Fruitvale station at 5:35. The train never turned up. I assume, since there were no TXTs from Connex, that the train managed to go through the line over 5 mins early. Methinks Connex needs to adjust this part of the timetable, the express is running too far ahead of schedule!

Kelston-Henderson, 5:50
Can't say much about this service, arrived more or less on time and arrived at Henderson approxmently on time. I was a bit pissed off at having to wait 15mins extra to catch this train service. I went into the far-back carriage and waited for the guard to come through to my carriage to get my ticket -- none came. Perhaps I was very quick to get on the train, and the guard must have missed seeing me!

Henderson-Britomart, 9:04
I missed this train (it departed just as my friend's car pulled up beside the station) but I noticed it departed Henderson at 9:12, 8 minutes late. Went and caught a bus instead, and had to tolerate the rather bumpy ride. I much prefer the trains to the bus! Since I finish work in Te Atatu South at 9pm, I think I may have to switch to taking the bus home, it's just more convinent. :-(

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Blogger James Pole said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I got a message from Connex at 17:10 saying that the 16:36 had been cancelled. Humm I suppose I could thank Connex for letting me know the train was cancelled 34 minutes after it was cancelled. Just as well I usually catch the Waitakere services, the New Lynn services seem to have a high failure-to-run rate, and even KiwiTrainz seem to have noticed this. Is it something to do with the trains they put on the New Lynn services?

11:02 PM  
Blogger KiwiTrainz said...

Last nights cancellation of the 16:36 New Lynn was due to the ADL being a non-starter... literally! We sat there for 20 mins while the poor driver keep cranking it over, and over, and over... Enentually the guard announced that the service was cancelled, grrrrr more angry passengers. This unit was supposed to do the 18:04 as well, so with the shortage of rolling stock to replace it they had to cancel that as well I guess.

10:28 AM  
Blogger James Pole said...

One thing I forgot to add about the 1:57 service to Waitakere, it docked at the wrong platform at Newmarket Station. Hence lots and lots of confused passengers running to the other side of the island platform to get on the correct train. Why do I see this happening all the time? It scares me off using the trains at Newmarket -- I would rather catch the Link bus from Britomart instead!

8:19 PM  

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