Tuesday, October 18, 2005

We're treated like criminals! A PR disaster

The train is as usual running late and you were hoping to reach the city by 9am.

It�s now 9.07am by the time the train reaches the end of the journey. Everyone leaps up, gathers their stuff, puts on their bag or coat and leaps out ready to dash for Queen St.

What�s this about this morning? A police cordon? A terrorist attack?

The blockade complete with ropes across the platform was to check we had paid our fare! We had to produce evidence of a ticket. All watched over by a couple of security guards at the top of the escalator in case someone tried to jump the cordon.

This is shocking. What bad bad PR Connex. Honestly, we put up day after day with appalling conditions. Late trains, breakdowns, a lack of proper information, platforms without proper seating and toilets, rude Maori wardens bossing us about. Tonight the electronic signs on the platform were faulty and showing wrong information or not working and now you treat us like criminals.
I showed this photo to others today and they couldn't believe this is NZ and how the train operators treat their passengers.
What's tomorrow trick? Fleecing us in case we are carrying iPods?
I can understand you want to catch out the one person who is not paying but isn't that an issue with your guards? Last night west-bound it was Kingsland before I had my ticket clipped and heaps of people had got off before sighting a guard. The other morning no-one collected the ticket I held out in my hand all journey.
If you're going to treat us like criminals, how would you like us to stage a sit in protest one morning on the platform in protest at the endless breakdowns?
No, bad idea. Connex might bring in the WTO demo riot squad.
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Blogger KiwiTrainz said...

They were at it at Newmarket this morning, You Vill Prezent Ticket! (Sorry bad Nazi accent) What happens if you miss 'em or get past, they shoot you in the back? drag you off for a sound beating at the nearest security guard station.

8:17 AM  
Blogger James Pole said...

LOL. Lucky me, it hasn't happened to me yet! But then I don't usually take the trains in mornings. I think it's rather cheeky as Connex staff usually do a good job on the trains making sure everyone has a ticket.

When I was chatting to friends in Melb, I was suprised at how common fare evasion was over there. People over there were like "I just keep a day pass in my pocket, and use it up whenever I see a train guard!". Some had not paid for weeks, it was that easy to avoid presenting a ticket! It was so easy to get round the system over there -- I reckon Connex should focus on Melbourne communers, as Aucklanders are more honest!

9:02 PM  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

I thought they were bad here, but that's much worse. We'll often have a gang of them at the exit - http://connexwhinger.blogspot.com/2005/07/wed-20-july-inspectors.html - but nothing like this.

Nice site by the way!


10:13 PM  

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