Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wow! Newmarket goes hi-tech

There is far too much confusion at Newmarket. Trains Waitakere-bound stop at platform 1B and Papakura ones at 1A but they are effectively the same platform. The Papakura stop a fraction in front of where the Waitakere ones do.
With more trains, the station needs to tell passengers during rush hour what's what.
Hey, presto! Connex has come up with a very hi-tech solution.
There is now a station announcer just like the Big Time stations like the Brit. In fact he seems more on to it than the Brit one usually is as he seems to really know exactly when the train arrives.
No wonder. The hi-tech solution is that man with the red Connex vest standing on the platform. He has a loud hailer.
He walks up and down the station yelling out the train has arrived. Through the loudhailer. Very high school athletics day.
Honestly, didn't I see this in some British comedy somewhere?
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Blogger James Pole said...

Hummph, I would rather have electronic signs. Anyhow, I've seen many western line trains stop at the opposite platform, so thats another source of confusion! Good old Auckland Trains! :-)

11:32 AM  

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