Thursday, November 03, 2005

Auckland City replies re the Newmarket Toilet saga

Dear Miles
I am writing to answer to your query re the toilet removal, and the provision of toilets in Newmarket. As well as provision of toilets at train stations generally.
The Newmarket toilet was removed as the land on which it was sited was not owned by Auckland City Council and our lease had expired and not been renewed because the property owners wished to develop their property.
As you will understand Auckland City cannot impose a condition on a private property owner to provide public toilets unless there is an associated use on that site which requires toilet eg a bar or restaurant. Auckland City Council can impose a condition of consent on a new development that public toilets be provided as a means of mitigating the effects of the development which is the case here in Newmarket, it would not be consistent with the Resource Management or Local government Legislation to require the toilets to be provided before any effects were created by the development. Nor are Auckland City Council able to force a private property owner to let us site toilets on their property, as I am sure you will agree this would be undesirable for any property owner.
Hence we had no choice but to remove the facility at the request of the owner. The toilet was nearing the end of its useful life as well, the electronic components were regularly causing trouble and a major failure of the door mechanism had also occurred, there was no significant loss of economic value in closing this facility early.
Unfortunately this has left Newmarket without a public toilet (other than those provided by local businesses such as 277). We are currently investigating sites for the provision of a replacement facility for Newmarket.
The provision of toilets for train users is not a role which Auckland City Council has agreed to undertake. There are toilets in the train stations on the rail platforms most of which were closed when the stations were closed by NZ Rail.
The provision of toilets specifically for train users should be addressed through the Auckland Regional Transport Network Ltd (ARTNL) or through ARTA or the ARC I have included some information for you
Daren Day
Asset Manager
Parks and Streetscapes
Level 1 UDC House 35 Graham St
Auckland City
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Blogger Charles said...

A real answer (never mind that the person has a rather silly hjob title). Too bad it doesn't make any progress toward getting a toilet.

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