Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Good People

Two wonderful "train ambassadors" today.
A guy who has served several decades with the railways and cared about the service and let old people get seats.
A woman (I think called Joanne) on the 5.53pm from the Brit who was so buddly, caring and nice despite the heat and fact she must have been working for hours.
These people on $16 an hour deserve a rise.
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Blogger James Pole said...

Where was that photo taken?

10:56 PM  
Blogger Gary F said...

It seems to have been taken from the road bridge that crosses over the railway line at Newmarket, looking down the Western Line in the Waitakere direction.

I can certainly agree with you, Miles, on the friendliness that some of the train staff exhibit. It's particularly impressive considering that I am often served by the same train staff travelling both to and from town -- I don't know if I'd be that cheerful after a working day that long!

8:21 AM  
Blogger James Pole said...

Ah yeh I recognise it now. These level crossings between Newmarket and Boston Road are very inconvinent for the road users. I wonder if there are any plans to remove the level crossings when the Newmarket-Boston Road section is double-tracked.

RE Train Staff, What sort of roster are they on? I regularly caught the 'old' 9:23pm Henderson-Britomart service on Wednesdays and was serviced by a different guard each week! Is that sort of thing the norm for the other services?

12:42 AM  

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