Monday, November 07, 2005

Stranded in Paradise? Yeah, right

SO tonight the electronic sign at the Brit says the next train to Waitakere leaves just after 5. People take their seats, the train leaves, the guard comes and clips the tickets and the scenery flashes by.
And flashes by.
The onboard sign mentions the usual train stations but it seems to be taking foreever to stop.
When you use the trains a lot, you adjust to the rythm. Even if you are head down, reading you somehow are quietly counting down the stops in your head and recognise the subtle twists and turns of the track to know just when your station is coming up.
But a look out the window resembled unfamiliar scenery.
It looked like Avondale.
It was Avondale.
You could tell the look on the passengers who were unaware they had got a non-stop express to New Lynn. Confusion, shock and later - as we waited around the New Lynn station -much anger.
Why didn't the sign at Brit make it clear it was a non stop to New Lynn?
Why did a guard at the Brit encourage everyone to get on board without telling us?
Why did the onboard signs continue to count down stations the train never stopped at?
Why didn't the guard question us when we had 2-section tickets yet the first stop was New Lynn ( a three stager)?
Why did the guard on the eventual train Brit-bound for New Lynn (after a half hour rain-soaked wait on the platform at New Lynn) have the cheek to argue with us all that it was our stupid fault and we should have asked for transfer tickets if we expected a free ride back to our proper intended destinations.
While I am fuming, we had another major grizzle: The signage itself at New Lynn is woeful. When a train stops no sign, no-one tells you if the train is going on to Waitakere or back to the city.
Connex, listen up.
I am the only passenger of the stranded who plans to keep using the trains. You have lost the others- because of poor and rude communication.
Hire a communication expert. Sort out your signs, your messages, your treatment of your passengers.
Otherwise you don't deserve the support we are all trying to give you.
On the lap: Stranded in Paradise John Dix


Blogger James Pole said...

Wow, thats pretty bad. What does the signs in Britomart say when it is showing the express service? Does it go through all the non-express stations or is it smart enough to exclude these stations.

A complaint I have about Southern line trains, is that the electronic signage at Britomart does not make it clear whether or not a train is travelling along the Eastern Line or along the Southern Line. You have to watch the destinations scroll through until it goes back to the start and see if it says Orakei-Meadowbank-etc or Newmarket-Remuera-etc.

It's very annoying as it doesn't allow me to see quickly which trains are Eastern vs. Southern Lines. I can't see why they can't just change the destination to say Papakura (East) or Papakura (Sth) or something like that to enable us to see the difference between the two southern lines.

10:55 AM  

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