Friday, December 30, 2005

Holiday nightmare

Took a train up to Henderson today to get something from the Warehouse there. I had forgotten what a flipping nightmare the trains were!
The train was late because of a breakdown in the Brit tunnel.
Then the train bellowed in smoke near Henderson so passengers had to alight and the train be abandoned.
Then finally after much confusion and numerous conflicting stories among the guards, taxis were called for those heading west.
The rest of us hung about for nearly an hour.
Eventually it was decided to hitch the dead train and take it back to the Brit.
Except a train heading west had broken down so there were more delays.
The adults on board who were trying out the train were bewildered.
"Is it always like this," they asked?
What can you say!
4.47 Due to technical problems the 3.15 from Britomart has been replaced with taxis from Henderson.
4.54 The 5.08pm service from Waitakere has been cancelled due to an earlier technical fault. Next servuce from Waitakere at 5.38
5.03 Due to an earlier technical fault the train services on the western line in both directions are running late by 30 mins
5.13 Due to technical problems the 5.15 western line servie from Britomart has been cancelled. The 5.45 will replace the 5.15 service.
5.43 Due to an earlier technical problem the 6.08 from Waitakre (sic) has been cancelled. 7.08 service to replace this service.
6.00 The 5.45 service to Waitakere from Britomart has been delayed by approx 20 mins.

Ahh, yes, the txt messages. How I have missed them.


Blogger James Pole said...

Heh, sounds like the passengers had lots of entertainment! :-P

7:15 PM  
Blogger pwp said...

I have several horror stories about trains on Auckland's Western line.
Last winter my train from Britomart in the evening stopped in between stations. We were stuck there in the dark with no air for what seemed like hours. The "Train Assistants" were totally useless. They left us sitting there in the dark with no information. Eventually the driver had the bright idea of getting an oncoming train to push our train back to the previous station where thankfully, we could all get off.
I then stupidly tried the train again a few months later.
The trains all have ferocious air conditioning that blasts freezing cold air down on top of your head the entire journey. No windows that open of course. This time, the air inside was thick with pure diesel fumes blasting out of the air vents - a new type of train I believe. As diesel fumes are carcinogenic I got off the train after one stop and used alternative means to get home. Have you ever noticed how the air in the Britomart above the train platforms is blue with diesel fumes. I have decided it will not be safe to travel by train until they are electrified.

3:00 AM  
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